Pour-Over Coffee Brewer “Ulpu” Features:

  • The Ulpu shares the Ariqs unique volcanic shape, this time made of ultra-durable borosilicate glass. We don’t support unnecessary plastic production, so we gave the Ulpu a nice handle so you can easily pour your hot fresh coffee.
  • Accompanying the Ulpu is the Qanchis, a stainless steel filter that can be used without any paper filters. Bringing you a unique taste while reducing the wasteful use of paper filters.
  • You can brew up to two fresh cups of coffee with your new coffee brewer set. Share a cup with a friend or enjoy them all by yourself.

After we had launched the Ariq kettle we were eager to make our product portfolio whole and allow you to brew your perfect coffee only with Ampato gear. The Ulpu is the vessel you have been waiting for. It brings back our signature volcanic shaped coffee gear this time in the shape of a wonderful glass carafe.

The Ulpu is the perfect companion to the Ariq and will take over all that hot magma you have been making with your little volcano kettle. Like all of our products your new coffee brewer was inspired by the mountains of Peru and developed with the same kind of strength in mind.

We built the best possible glass vessel we could think of when developing the Ulpu. Only the highest quality borosilicate glass is used in its assembly, we do not add any unnecessary plastic to your brewing experience as we believe in natural materials. The accompanying stainless steel filter Qanchis is therefore made with the intention to reduce paper waste from conventional filters.

Our guide when it comes to quality is the might Ampato itself. Its rock has been dated back to the Cenozoic age, which was 66 million years ago. We inspire to build our products to the same longevity. This is why you can be sure that you are not only buying high-quality gear but also high-quality service. We are here for you no matter what problem you might face. We also offer a volcano proof money-back guarantee should you not be awed by your new Ulpu carafe and Qanchis filter.

What are you waiting for? Let's fill that vessel up with Magma! (Okay… coffee will also work.)