When we created Ampato Coffee our intent was always to bring the Peruvian Highlands right into your Kitchen. Out there, it doesn’t matter where you look, mountains and volcanoes that are millions of years old are always part of your view. 

The Ariq is the best kettle we could possibly build. Even though you can’t heat magma in there, we tried to get as close as possible during our development phase. We pair this with a timeless design that will always bring your thoughts to the awe-inspiring volcanoes of the Peruvian highlands when you take a look at it on your stove. 

The Quanchis is the perfect companion to the Ariq and will take over all that hot magma you have been making with your little volcano kettle. Like all of our products your new coffee brewer was inspired by the mountains of Peru and developed with the same kind of strength in mind.

We built the best possible glass vessel we could think of when developing the Ulpu. Only the highest quality borosilicate glass is used in its assembly, we do not add any unnecessary plastic to your brewing experience as we believe in natural materials. The accompanying stainless steel filter Qanchis is therefore made with the intention to reduce paper waste from conventional filters.