The Ariq is shaped like a volcano to pay homage to the Ampato volcano in Peru, the inspiration for our coffee gear business. It has a durable stainless steel construction with an extra black protective coating for longevity and extra style. 

An elegant gooseneck spout is attached to our little volcano to provide you with 100% control while pouring your coffee with the Ariq. Ideal for a pour-over style brew.

No matter if gas, electric, induction, or conventional stovetops, the Ariq has a triple-layered bottom that allows you to heat up the magma… ehhm… sorry, the water inside on any heat source.

Never worry about how hot your water is, the lid comes with a thermometer that is marked at juuuust the right temperature. The Ariq is all you need to get water up to the perfect pour-over temp.

Beam yourself to the Peruvian coffee fields during your morning brewing ritual.
Handle your new kettle with the earthy and natural wood handle that will make you feel like you're right there in nature.

Oh, and it also doesn’t bring more unnecessary plastic into our world.