Pour-Over Kettle “Ariq” Features:

  • The Ariq is shaped like a volcano to pay homage to the Ampato volcano in Peru, the inspiration for our coffee gear business. It has a durable stainless steel construction with an extra black Teflon coating for longevity and extra style. 
  • An elegant gooseneck spout is attached to our little volcano to provide you with 100% control while pouring your coffee with the Ariq. Ideal for a pour-over style brew.
  • No matter if gas, electric, induction or conventional stovetops, the Ariq has a triple-layered bottom that allows you to heat up the magma… ehhm… sorry, the water inside on any heat source.
  • Never worry about how hot your water is, the lid comes with a thermometer that is marked at juuuust the right temperature. The Ariq is all you need to get water up to the perfect pour-over temp.
  • Beam yourself to the Peruvian coffee fields during your morning brewing ritual. Handle your new kettle with the earthy and natural wood handle that will make you feel like your right there in nature. Oh, and it also doesn’t bing more unnecessary plastic into our world.

When we created Ampato Coffee our intent was always to bring the Peruvian Highlands right into your Kitchen. Out there, it doesn’t matter where you look, mountains and volcanoes that are millions of years old are always part of your view. 

So there was no question that our very first Ampato product had to be a pour-over kettle. Not only an essential pour-over coffee making accessory but also the manifestation of volcanoes in the real world. While you will probably not brew your coffee with hot magma (even though we would be all over that) you will still be using your brand new kettle to heat an element of our earth - water. Which then will finally aid you in making your perfect cup of coffee in the morning. 

With that being said, we proudly present the Ariq pour-over kettle. Why Ariq? It’s the word for “Volcano” in the Quechua language. The language of the ancient people of Peru. Like a volcano and the ancient Quechua language, we want to bring you a kettle that will withstand generations of use. 

The Ariq is the best kettle we could possibly build. Even though you can’t heat magma in there, we tried to get as close as possible during our development phase. We pair this with a timeless design that will always bring your thoughts to the awe-inspiring volcanoes of the Peruvian highlands when you take a look at it on your stove. 

Ampato Coffee stands behind all of this. This is why you can be sure that you are not only buying high-quality gear but also high-quality service. We are here for you no matter what problem you might face. We also offer a volcano proof money-back guarantee should you not be awed by your new Ariq kettle.

What are you waiting for? Let's get that little mountain bubbling!