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About Ampato

Every day might be a different brew, but every sunrise is a beautiful opportunity to discover the great outdoors. At Ampato Coffee we understand like no other, that life is more pleasant when spent outside.

When we started buying coffee gear ourselves, we quickly realized that most coffee brands simply rebrand generic coffee products, and without the right gear you cannot expect a good cup of coffee! So we started Ampato Coffee for people like us - those who live for adventure and cherish good coffee!

Ampato is a volcano in the South of Peru that is known for its amazing coffee. We want to bring the Peruvian highlands with you to your kitchen or on your next outdoor adventure! 

And you are here because you understand that a good brew starts with the right gear!

The Secret to a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Heat filtered water to 195 - 205 ºF

Give filter a rinse and warm up your brewer

Use a heaped tablespoon of medium-coarse ground coffee per cup

Pour water slowly over the grounds & let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds

Pour the rest of the water evenly across the coffee surface

Grab your favorite mug & enjoy!

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Gear

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